Kharar, a rapidly developing town in the Mohali district of Punjab, has been steadily gaining prominence due to its strategic location, burgeoning infrastructure, and growing real estate market. Situated near the bustling city of Chandigarh, it offers a blend of urban convenience and rural charm, making it an attractive destination for residents and investors alike. In this comprehensive article, we will explore various facets , including its weather, key localities like Sunny Enclave, transportation facilities, accommodation options, and more.

Kharar: An Overview

It is a tehsil in the Mohali district, approximately 15 kilometers from Chandigarh, the capital city of Punjab and Haryana. It has emerged as a prominent residential and commercial hub due to its proximity to Chandigarh, affordable real estate, and improved infrastructure. The town is well-connected to major cities in Punjab and Haryana, making it a convenient location for commuters.

Historical Background

It has a rich historical background and has been a part of significant developments in the region over the centuries. The town has evolved from a small settlement into a thriving urban area, largely due to the rapid urbanization and development projects initiated by the government and private developers.

Weather in Kharar

Understanding the weather in Kharar is essential for both residents and visitors. The town experiences a subtropical climate characterized by hot summers, cool winters, and moderate rainfall.


Summers in Kharar typically extend from April to June, with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 40°C. The weather can be quite hot and dry, making it necessary for residents to take precautions against heat-related issues.


The monsoon season, from July to September, brings moderate to heavy rainfall, with July and August being the wettest months. The rain helps in cooling down the temperatures, but it also requires preparedness for occasional waterlogging in low-lying areas.


Winters in this city of Punjab, from November to February, are cool and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 5°C to 20°C. The coldest months are December and January, and occasional fog can affect visibility during this time.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Kharar is during the winter months, from November to February, when the weather is most pleasant and suitable for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Key Localities in Kharar

It boasts several key localities that offer a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational facilities. Among them, Sunny Enclave is one of the most notable and sought-after areas.

Sunny Enclave Kharar

Sunny Enclave is a prominent residential locality in Kharar, known for its modern infrastructure and well-planned layouts. Developed by the Bajwa Developers, Sunny Enclave offers a range of housing options, including apartments, villas, and plots. The locality is equipped with various amenities such as parks, shopping complexes, schools, and healthcare facilities, making it a preferred choice for families and professionals.

Key Features of Sunny Enclave

  1. Modern Infrastructure: The locality boasts wide roads, well-maintained parks, and a robust drainage system.
  2. Residential Options: From affordable apartments to luxurious villas, Sunny Enclave caters to diverse housing needs.
  3. Amenities: Residents have access to quality schools, healthcare centers, shopping complexes, and recreational facilities within the locality.
  4. Connectivity: Sunny Enclave is well-connected to Chandigarh and other major cities through a network of roads and highways.

Other Notable Localities

Kharar Bus Stand Area

The area around Bus Stand is another key locality, known for its commercial importance. It serves as a major transportation hub, facilitating easy access to various parts of Punjab and neighboring states. The vicinity is bustling with shops, eateries, and other commercial establishments, making it a vibrant area.

Sector 125

Sector 125 is an emerging residential and commercial locality in Kharar. It offers modern housing complexes, commercial spaces, and educational institutions, attracting both homebuyers and businesses.

Transportation and Connectivity

It’s strategic location and excellent connectivity make it a convenient place to live and work. The town is well-served by various modes of transportation, ensuring seamless travel for residents and visitors.

Kharar Bus Stand

The Kharar Bus Stand is a vital transportation hub, providing bus services to major cities and towns in Punjab and neighboring states. It is well-connected to Chandigarh, Mohali, Ludhiana, Amritsar, and other key destinations. Regular bus services make commuting easy and affordable for daily travelers.

Road Connectivity

It is well-connected by a network of national and state highways. The town lies on the Chandigarh-Ludhiana Highway (NH 95), providing direct access to major cities. The roads are well-maintained, ensuring smooth and hassle-free travel.

Rail Connectivity

It also has a railway station that connects it to the Indian Railways network. The station is on the Chandigarh-Ludhiana line, providing convenient rail travel options for long-distance journeys.

Air Connectivity

The nearest airport to Kharar is the Chandigarh International Airport, located about 20 kilometers away. The airport offers domestic and international flights, connecting it to major cities across India and abroad.

Accommodation Options in Kharar

It offers a range of accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you are visiting the town for business, leisure, or relocation, you will find suitable lodging facilities.

Hotels in Kharar

There are several hotels in Kharar that cater to both budget and luxury travelers. Some popular options include:

  1. Hotel Grand Residency: Known for its comfortable rooms and excellent service, this hotel is a popular choice for business and leisure travelers.
  2. Hotel Cama: A mid-range hotel offering modern amenities and convenient location.
  3. Imperial Hotel: A budget-friendly option with basic amenities and easy access to key areas.

Rooms in Kharar

For longer stays or those seeking more privacy, renting rooms or apartments is a viable option. Several real estate agents and property websites offer listings for rooms in Kharar. These can range from single rooms in shared apartments to fully furnished independent units.

Paying Guest (PG) Accommodations

PG accommodations are a popular choice for students and working professionals. These offer a more affordable and community-oriented living experience. Many PG accommodations provide meals and other amenities, making them a convenient option.

Real Estate in Kharar

The real estate market in Kharar has seen significant growth in recent years. The town’s proximity to Chandigarh, coupled with affordable property prices, has made it an attractive destination for real estate investments.

Residential Properties

Kharar offers a variety of residential properties, including plots, apartments, villas, and independent houses. Areas like Sunny Enclave and Sector 125 are particularly popular among homebuyers due to their modern infrastructure and amenities.


Buying a plot in Kharar allows for customized construction according to individual preferences. Many developers offer well-planned plots with essential infrastructure, making it easy for buyers to build their dream homes.


There are numerous apartment complexes in Kharar, offering a range of options from budget-friendly to luxury units. These complexes often come with amenities such as security, parking, gardens, and recreational facilities.

Villas and Independent Houses

For those seeking more space and privacy, villas and independent houses are available in various localities. These properties offer larger living spaces and often come with private gardens and parking areas.

Commercial Properties

The demand for commercial properties is also on the rise, driven by the town’s growing population and economic activities. Office spaces, retail shops, and commercial plots are available in key localities, attracting businesses and investors.

Educational Institutions in Kharar

Kharar is home to several reputable educational institutions, ranging from schools to colleges, catering to the needs of residents and surrounding areas.


  1. Oakridge International School: Known for its excellent academic curriculum and modern facilities.
  2. Manav Mangal Smart School: A popular choice among parents for its focus on holistic education.
  3. St. Soldier International Convent School: Offers quality education with a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities.

Colleges and Universities

  1. Chandigarh University: Located nearby, it offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  2. Doaba Group of Colleges: Known for its engineering, management, and technical programs.
  3. Rayat Bahra University: Offers diverse courses and has a sprawling campus with state-of-the-art facilities.

Healthcare Facilities in Kharar

Access to quality healthcare is a critical aspect of any urban area, and this city is no exception. The town is equipped with several healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and specialized medical centers.


  1. Shalby Hospital: A multi-specialty hospital offering advanced medical treatments and emergency care.
  2. Max Super Specialty Hospital: Known for its state-of-the-art facilities and expert medical staff.
  3. Fortis Hospital: Located in nearby Mohali, it provides comprehensive healthcare services and specialized treatments.

Clinics and Medical Centers

There are numerous clinics and medical centers in Kharar, providing primary healthcare services, diagnostics, and specialized treatments. These facilities ensure that residents have access to medical care close to home.

Shopping and Entertainment in Kharar

Kharar offers a variety of shopping and entertainment options, catering to the diverse needs of its residents.

Shopping Malls and Markets

  1. VR Punjab Mall: A major shopping destination offering a wide range of retail stores, dining options, and entertainment facilities.
  2. Sunny Enclave Market: A popular local market providing daily necessities, fashion, electronics, and more.
  3. Kharar Main Market: Known for its vibrant atmosphere and variety of shops selling clothes, accessories, and household items.

Cinemas and Entertainment

  1. PVR Cinemas: Located in VR Punjab Mall, it offers a modern movie-watching experience.
  2. Local Theaters: There are several local theaters and entertainment centers providing recreational activities for families and individuals.


Kharar, with its strategic location, modern infrastructure, and growing real estate market, is poised to become a major urban hub in Punjab. The town offers a blend of urban convenience and rural charm, making it an attractive destination for residents, investors, and visitors. From key localities like Sunny Enclave to essential amenities such as healthcare, education, and entertainment, it provides a well-rounded living experience. Whether you are looking for a place to live, work, or invest, Kharar promises a bright and prosperous future.

FAQs about Kharar

1. What is the pin code of Kharar?

The pin code of Kharar is 140301.

2. What is the weather like in Kharar throughout the year?

Kharar experiences a subtropical climate with hot summers (April to June), monsoon season (July to September) with moderate to heavy rainfall, and cool winters (November to February). The best time to visit is during the winter months.

3. What are some popular localities in Kharar for residential purposes?

Sunny Enclave, Sector 125, and the area around Kharar Bus Stand are popular localities for residential purposes due to their modern infrastructure, amenities, and connectivity.

4. What transportation options are available in Kharar?

Kharar is well-connected by road, rail, and air. The Kharar Bus Stand offers regular bus services, the railway station connects to major cities, and the nearest airport is Chandigarh International Airport.

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